Partner zum Schutz der Tiergesundheit

About us

The Bundesverband für Tiergesundheit e.V. (BfT), the German animal health industry association, represents the leading manufacturers of animal medicines and feed additives in Germany.

Our members research, develop, produce and market pharmaceuticals and vaccines, diagnostics as well as other solutions for animal health which support veterinary progress and help to cope with current societal challenges.

With our proven solutions and innovations we support the health and well-being of farm animals and pets.

This is how we contribute to

  • fighting animal diseases,
  • protecting the public health,
  • a food supply that is safe, of high quality and that protects resources,
  • an active and carefree life of people together with their pets.

About that we seek dialogue with politics, science, institutions, veterinarians, famers, animal owners as well as media and other partners.

Our aim

Our products protect the health and ensure quality of life of animals and people. By conserving our resources they also help protecting the environment and the climate. A responsible use of animal medicine is essential to us.

For BfT it is indispensable to pick up or initiate important trends and to develop future-oriented concepts of animal health. This means that the latest findings can be applied as quickly as possible to the benefit of animals and the society. This will ensure broad and sustainable access to safe, effective and high-quality animal medicines.

Our approach

  • appropriately and thoroughly inform about research, development, authorisation, application and control of veterinary medicinal products;
  • raise awareness for the value of animal health for society when dealing with animals;
  • sustainable agriculture, safe food and control of diseases that may affect public health;
  • emphasize the benefits of animals living together with people;
  • ensure predictable, harmonized, science-based and innovation-friendly conditions for high-quality veterinary medicines.

Our focus

  • a responsible use of antibiotics;
  • science-based and competitive regulatory framework;
  • assessments based on risk-benefit analysis and a product-based risk-management;
  • a reduction of administrative burden as well as an international harmonisation of standards;
  • an innovation-friendly climate and promotion of relevant fields in research;
  • a culture of discussion that encourages social acceptance of innovative technologies.